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How Much Risk Is Too Much?

It's easy to make money when the markets are up. The trick is to stay on course through the inevitable drops and recoveries. At SoundView, we help you map your financial plans and identify how much financial risk you're comfortable with. Thinking about possible losses can be scary. But recognizing risk is the most positive and responsible way to plan your financial journey. You can start now, with a personalized analysis called Riskalyze. This resource helps you identify your risk tolerance, in clear dollar terms. The next step is working together to identify your goals and determine how much you will need to live the retirement you want.

SoundView can help you prioritize your goals and set reasonable expectations. Together, we'll create a realistic plan to get you there.


Education = Empowerment

Fear doesn't belong in your investment portfolio. You can approach retirement planning with confidence when you know the parameters of your investment strategy and keep emotions from throwing roadblocks in your way. SoundView even offers financial education workshops that give you the personalized education you need to make smart decisions. With SoundView, you'll be well equipped to handle the inevitable ups and downs, because you'll understand that investing isn't a day-trip decision but a long-term journey.

While developing a customized financial program, we will walk you through a step-by-step process that will help make you feel confident in your decisions.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:



  • Tax management
  • Investment management
  • Retirement strategies 
  • Estate conservation
  • Insurance and annuity products