Alexander DiMartini

Alex DiMartini CIMA®

Managing Director

Alexander DiMartini, founder and managing director of SoundView Wealth Management, LLC, is a financial advisor and registered FINRA advisor specializing in risk management, non-qualified deferred compensation, 401(k) investing and personal investment.

Alex believes that managing expectations is the first step in managing wealth, and he excels at helping clients understand the difference between wants and needs. He specializes in managing diversified portfolios, both qualified and non-qualified. His approach to wealth management includes open dialogue with clients to uncover goals and determine risk tolerance.

Communication is a key strategy at SoundView. Alex brings 25 years’ experience in the financial industry to every client encounter. His career includes 13 years at UBS Financial, where he was known for providing outstanding customer service. He prides himself on his accessibility to clients, via email and phone.

The father of two daughters, Alex is a seasoned hockey player and a three-time participant in the New York City Marathon. SoundView Wealth Management is based out of Jericho, New York.